OmniFocus 2 for Mac Upgrade Pricing

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Omni Store Pricing

If you purchased OmniFocus from our store any time after February 1, 2013, you’ll automatically receive a free upgrade to OmniFocus 2 Pro when it ships in June, 2014.

Customers that have purchased an OmniFocus license from our store will be eligible for discounted upgrades. Upgrade pricing on our store will be $39.99 for OmniFocus 2 Pro and $19.99 for OmniFocus 2 Standard.

Volume discounts will still be available through our store, and education discounts will be available through our Education Store.

App Store Pricing

If you’d prefer to purchase from the Mac App Store, you might prefer to wait: it won’t be a free upgrade, because we don’t have any way to provide that based on the date of purchase. We’re hoping to provide an upgrade discount to App Store customers interested in the Pro In-App Purchase (like we’ve done in OmniGraffle), but in the App Store we don’t have any way to discount the base Standard price.