Table 1: Names to enter under Nyx
Indent/ Outdent Name to Enter End of Line Action Contents Sidebar
Nyx [return] This is how the Contents sidebar should look after you have entered all of the names in this table
[tab] Aether [return]
[tab] Aergia [return]
[shift-tab] Hemera [return]
[tab] Thalassa [return]
[tab] Telchines [return]
Halia [return]
Moros [return]
Apate [return]
Dolos [return]
Nemesis [return]
The Hesperides [return]
[tab] Aigle [return]
Erytheia [return]
Hesperethusa [return]
[shift-tab] The Moirai (The Keres) [return]
[tab] Clotho [return]
Lachesis [return]
Atropos [return]
[shift-tab] Oizys [return]
Momus [return]
Hypnos [return]
[tab] The Oneiroi [return]
[tab] Morpheus [return]
Phobetor [return]
Phantasos [return]
Thanatos [return]
Philotes [return]
Geras [return]
Eris [return]
[tab] Dysnomia [return]
Atë [return]
Lethe [return]
Limos [return]
Algos [return]
Hysminai [return]
Makhai [return]
Phonoi [return]
Androktasiai [return]
Amphilogiai [return]
Horkos [return]
[shift-tab] Charon [esc]