Limiting repeating actions to weekdays in OmniFocus 2

If you’re setting up a daily repeating task in OmniFocus, it’s possible to limit those repeats to a business week.

  1. Select your action, then open the Inspector (on Mac) or open the Info tab in the Editor (on iOS).
  2. Navigate to the Repeat section.
  3. From the list of repeat options, pick Repeat Every/Repeat Regularly.
  4. For the repeat interval, enter “1 week”.
  5. Small date chits will appear under the interval, signifying the seven days of the week. Select Monday through Friday, so that only Saturday and Sunday are left unchecked.

With these settings, your daily repeating tasks will be confined to the Monday-to-Friday work week. When completing a task on Friday, for example, the next iteration will occur on a Monday. Congratulations, you’ve finally got the weekends off!

Repeat Task on Weekdays

Note: If you don’t have the weekends off after all, you can pick different days of the week to enable or disable. These can be discontiguous dates, too. New tasks will only be due on the days of the week you pick. If you don’t pick any days at all, the next due date will be one week to the day after the initial due date.

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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