What’s OmniFocus 2 Pro, and What Are the Pro-Specific Features of OmniFocus 2?

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we got about OmniFocus 1 was that it was too complex, intimidating, and hard to learn. The standard version of OmniFocus 2 is aimed at those customers. It has a simpler core feature set meant to be more accessible to people just getting started out, and those who are looking for more power can step up to Pro at any time.

Effectively OmniFocus 1 was a “Pro” app, in other words; some customers just ended up buying (and ignoring) features they would never use in that era. (Or not buying the app at all!)

Customers that utilized the full feature set of version 1 will probably want version 2 Pro, as well. The point isn’t to squeeze anyone for extra revenue - it’s actually to stop charging folks for features they don’t need by offering a simpler and lower-priced alternative that didn’t previously exist.

With OmniFocus 2 for iPad, we’ve also introduced Pro features to this platform as well. By doing so, we’re able to price the app more effectively for both casual and power users, and we’ve finally brought over the powerful Perspective creation tools that were previously exclusive to the Mac Platform.

OmniFocus 2’s Pro-specific features are as follows:

The Ability to Create and View Custom Perspectives — save frequently-used views for later. A Customizable Sidebar — reorganize your perspectives, and access your favorites more easily. Focus (Mac only) — hide everything in the database except a certain folder or project, to concentrate on one thing at a time. AppleScript (Mac only) — Use an extensive AppleScript library to automate your own workflows.

For more information, watch the video: OmniFocus 2 for Mac — What’s in Pro?

Last Modified: Sep 28, 2016

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