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What version of the manual should I download?

About the Docs


Pure HTML in your browser. You can search and bookmark pages just like you would any other website, and you can also print (or save to PDF, if you are in need of a PDF file).

iBooks Store:

Many of our manuals are also available in EPUB3 from the iBooks Store, including any translations we’ve received from our localization crew. The advantage of downloading our docs from the iBooks Store is that you will receive a notification in iBooks whenever we update the documentation for a new release or “bug” fix. Also, iBooks does a fairly good job at reconciling any notes and highlights you’ve made in the text when the book is updated.

Also, we maintain a list of countries from which our books are not available due to restrictions in the iBooks Store. If your home country is on that list, please use the Direct Download links instead.

Direct Download:

The very same EPUBs that we publish on the iBooks Store are available from our download site. The only difference is that you will need to check here regularly for updates, or you can follow us on Twitter at @OmniWranglers to catch the latest documentation news from The Omni Group.

Last Modified: Aug 1, 2018

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