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Which manual should I download?

About the Reference Manuals

Reference manuals for each of our products are available on the Manuals page of Each manual contains information for the most recent version of its corresponding product.

If you’re running a previous version of one of our applications, older manuals are available by editing the URL of the manual to replace the current version number with the older version. For example:

Displays the OmniFocus 3.4 for Mac documentation, while

Displays the OmniFocus 2.8 for Mac documentation. Not all past versions of each application have a corresponding documentation release. In those cases, the nearest version is displayed.

Download to Read Offline:

To produce a portable copy of one of our manuals, navigate to the web version of the manual and scroll to the bottom of the Contents sidebar to find the Print command. This produces a single-page version of the documentation suitable for printing to paper or saving as a PDF.

Older versions of the documentation include a Printable Version button at the bottom of the Table of Contents instead.

Read In-App:

The reference manuals for our current products are also available as in-app resources via the Help menu (for Mac) or the App menu (for iOS), and can be browsed with no internet connection required.

Last Modified: Apr 27, 2023

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