Enabling SSL for calendar subscriptions

OmniFocus can set up a calendar of Due Soon notifications and subscribe the Calendar app to it. In most cases, the server protects your calendar with your account password (Omni Sync Server does), but the events will be transferred to your phone in plain text, which could be intercepted by someone else in transit. We recommend taking these extra steps to make the transfer more secure.

  1. Set up the subscription according to the in-app instructions.
  2. Open the Settings application on the device.
  3. Tap the “Calendar” section of the Settings app, then “Accounts” at the top of the next screen.
  4. Tap the Account named “Subscribed Calendars”
  5. Tap “OmniFocus Reminders”
  6. Slide the “Use SSL” switch to ON
  7. Tap “Done”
Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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