Managing Your Omni Licenses

This chapter refers to licenses purchased from the Omni Store. If you bought OmniFocus from the Mac App Store, you can manage your purchase through the App Store app for OS X.

From the menu bar, choose OmniFocus > Licenses to see the Licenses dialog. From here you can review and edit your OmniFocus licenses, which verify that you’ve actually paid for the software. (Thanks!)

To purchase a license:

  • Click Buy Licenses and you will find yourself magically transported to the Omni Store, where you can purchase a license for the Mac versions of our software. (Naturally, this only works if you have an Internet connection.)

To add a new license:

  1. From the menu bar, choose OmniFocus > Licenses to see the Licenses dialog.

  2. Click Add License.

  3. If you have a license key in an email message, copy and paste both the Owner name and the License Key into the appropriate fields. If you can’t copy and paste the information, you’ll have to type it in; make sure you enter everything exactly as it appears in your license message, including the dashes. Also, double-check that the license you’re entering really is a license for OmniFocus 2, and that it is for the correct edition (Pro or Standard); licenses for other Omni products or earlier versions of OmniFocus won’t work.

  4. The Type drop-down menu is grayed out by default, which limits the license type to Personal for the current user account on your Mac. OmniFocus has two different types of licenses:

    • Personal: This license is for your personal use, and will only be available on this computer when you are logged in as the user who installed the license. You can install this license on more than one computer, but only for your personal use. You should not use the software on two different computers at the same time with this kind of license. If a personal license is available, the application will always use it.

    • Computer: You can use this license on this computer, and so can any other user of this computer. However, you should not install this license on more computers than it has license seats for.

    If there is more than one user account on your Mac, and you’d like everyone on your Mac to discover the awesomeness that is OmniFocus, you’ll need to jump through a couple of hoops (thanks to Apple’s mandated app sandboxing for OS X 10.7 and above). To set up a Computer license, follow these steps:

    1. Quit OmniFocus 2.
    2. Open a new Finder window.
    3. Switch the Finder’s view settings to Column, by choosing View > as Columns (or use Command-3. This will make it easier for you to traverse the folder hierarchy on your Mac.
    4. Choose Go > Computer.
    5. Choose your Mac’s hard drive (if you haven’t renamed it, it should be named Macintosh HD), and then traverse through the following folders:
      • Library
      • Application Support
    6. In the Application Support folder, create a new folder (choose File > New Folder, or use Shift-Command-N) and name it Omni Group. You will need to enter your admin password to create a new folder at this level.
    7. In the Omni Group folder, create a new folder and name it Software Licenses.
    8. Open OmniFocus 2 again, and then choose OmniFocus > Licenses.
    9. Click Add License.

    When you click Add License, you’ll notice that the Type drop-down menu is no longer grayed out, and the Computer option is available for selection. Now just enter the Owner and License Key information you received from us, click Save, and you should be set.

To remove a license:

  1. Select the license you want to remove.
  2. Click Delete License.

To move a license from one Mac to another:

  1. First, find the license file on the old computer. OmniFocus license files are located in the folder Library/Application Support/Omni Group/Software Licenses, where Library is either at the top level of your system disk (for computer licenses), or in your Home folder (for personal licenses). The file you are looking for has a name such as OmniFocus–123456.omnilicense. Move this file to the new computer.

  2. On the new computer, choose OmniFocus > Licenses from the menu bar and then click Add License.

  3. On the sheet that appears, click Import License File.

  4. Locate and select the license file that you want to import.

  5. Click Open. If the license file is compatible—meaning, it is for the same version of OmniFocus—the license will be added to OmniFocus on your other system.

If you don’t see your license files in the location described in (1) above, another possible location for your Omni licenses is: Users/Username/Library/Containers/ com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2/Data/Library/ Application Support/Omni Group/Software Licenses.

Again, the thing to remember here is that license keys are version-specific; the license key you have for OmniFocus 1 is not compatible with OmniFocus 2 (and vice versa).