Getting Help

When you’re in need of help—whether you’re puzzled by perspectives, having trouble syncing, or experiencing another issue with OmniFocus—it’s good to know that the Support Humans at The Omni Group are available to lend you a hand.

The OmniFocus Website

The OmniFocus website is always a good place to find the latest information about OmniFocus, complete with an ever-growing support section.

The Official Forums

The Omni Group maintains online forums for all of our products, and you’re invited! Come share your questions and ideas with other users and Omni staff.

Email Support

If you’re stuck, if you have a good idea for the next version of OmniFocus, or if you just want to let us know how we’re doing, go ahead and send us an email. Choose Help ▸ Contact Omni from the menu bar to conjure up a message addressed to us, or just send us an email with your thoughts. We take support pretty seriously, so you can expect a prompt response actually typed by human hands.

Release Notes

For really meticulously detailed information about what has changed in each minor version of OmniFocus, check out Help ▸ Release Notes from the menu bar.


Here are a few tips you can try with OmniFocus’s own built in self-help features:

Finding Misplaced Items

  • Try using the Completed and Changed perspectives to track down errant actions.
  • Check the Attachment List for images or other files that you may have appended to items tucked deep in your database.
  • Open the Archive to look for items that may have been lost to time.
  • If all else fails, you can revert to a recent backup for something you know you had access to just a day ago.

Improving Performance

  • Sync all the things regularly! This reduces sync wait times and generally improves speed and performance across the board.
  • Compact your database to remove unneeded edit histories.
  • Archive projects long past. Jettison them now for a nimbler database, and future easy retrieval and reference.
  • Delete unneeded attachments to lessen the sync load and disc space footprint of your database.

Resolving Sync Conflicts

  • If you’re sure what you have locally is what you want, you can Replace the Server Database to get everything back in sync.
  • If you’re unsure (about this, or anything else OmniFocus-related), please contact Omni support! We’re here to help—it’s what we do.