Importable DOT Commands

OmniGraffle can import documents using a subset of the Graphviz DOT file format.

Command Entity Types
URL (not on graphs) edge/line, node/shape
arrowhead edge/line
arrowtail edge/line
color edge/line, node/shape
dir edge/line
fillcolor node/shape
fixedsize node/shape
fontcolor edge/line, node/shape
fontname edge/line, node/shape
fontsize edge/line, node/shape
headlabel edge/line
label edge/line, node/shape
labelfontcolor edge/line
labelfontname edge/line
labelfontsize edge/line
orientation node/shape
rank node/shape
rankdir graph/page
shape node/shape
style edge/line, node/shape
taillabel edge/line
width node/shape

All arrowhead types are supported, but a few do not correspond exactly to OmniGraffle arrow types. The inv, invdot, invodot, and invempty arrow types are replaced with the closest available OmniGraffle line ending.