Getting Help

When you’re in need of help—whether you’re trying to figure out how columns work, or if you’re having some other issue with OmniOutliner—it’s good to know that the Support Humans at the Omni Group are always available to lend you a hand.

Release Notes

For a detailed, comprehensive summary of the latest changes to OmniOutliner, check out Help ▸ Release Notes from the menu bar. This is a good first place to check if something is behaving in a way you didn’t expect.

Finding Help Online

The OmniOutliner Support Site provides a wealth of information, including support articles for answering some of the more technical issues you might discover, access to OmniOutliner’s documentation online, as well as download links for the latest version of OmniOutliner.

Similarly, the OmniOutliner product page is always a good place to find the latest information about features and updates to OmniOutliner.


Our marketing and product team has developed a series of online videos for OmniOutliner. These videos range in topics from available features in the latest version of OmniOutliner to how-to tutorial videos to help you level up in your OmniOutliner skills.

Email Support

If you’re stuck, if you have a good idea for the next version of OmniOutliner, or if you just want to let us know how we’re doing, go ahead and send us an email. Choose Help ▸ Contact Omni from the menu bar to conjure up a message addressed to us, or just send us an email with your thoughts. We take support pretty seriously, so you can expect a prompt response actually typed by human hands.

Phone Support

We understand that sometimes you just can’t wait for an email response when you’re knee-deep in a project and you’re stuck or something isn’t working quite right. We get that. When this happens, you can call our Support Humans at 800-315-OMNI or 206-523-4152. Our Support Humans are available Monday-Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time (-0700 GMT).

Online Forums

The Omni Group maintains online forums for all of our products, which are available to everyone. Come share your questions and ideas with other users, share OmniOutliner files to show off how you’re using OmniOutliner for a particular project, and seek help from the OmniOutliner community.