OmniPlan 4 Reference Manual for macOS

Working in the Cloud

If you are solely responsible for changes to your project files and you use OmniPlan on multiple devices, you can take advantage of cloud-based storage services to keep your OmniPlan files in sync across both Mac and iOS.

Files created with OmniPlan 4 can safely be stored with most popular cloud services. For the best compatibility with files from all versions of OmniPlan, we recommend syncing with the Omni Group’s OmniPresence service or Apple’s iCloud Drive.

This chapter describes the features of OmniPresence along with other cloud storage options available.

Using Third Party Cloud Storage

OmniPlan supports cloud syncing with most popular storage providers.

Not all sync services are created equal, and syncing with any remote server carries some risk. If you plan to sync your OmniPlan files with a third party service, it can help to choose the file type that works best for your service of choice.

  • OmniPlan documents created with OmniPlan 4 use the flat file document type by default, and can be safely stored with most cloud services.

  • OmniPlan’s older package file type is not supported by services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. Attempting to sync with these services will result in version conflicts. If you are syncing package files, we strongly recommend using either Apple’s iCloud storage or our own OmniPresence, which both support a wider array of file features.

If you experience issues syncing a particular project file, you can change its document type in the Project Document inspector to better suit the needs of your cloud service.

Using OmniPresence Cloud Storage

OmniPresence is a free cloud utility developed by the Omni Group for keeping your files in sync across devices.

  • On your Mac, OmniPresence is an application that runs in the background, watching a connected folder. It makes sure the files inside are in sync with files in the cloud (a WebDAV server of your choice), and with your OmniPresence-enabled iOS apps.

  • On iOS, OmniPresence is built in to all of the Omni Group’s document-based apps, including OmniPlan. You can access OmniPresence folders and files from within each application’s document browser.

When connected to the same folder, all of your OmniPresence-enabled devices detect changes when you make them, and constantly sync up to keep your files up to date.

To get started with OmniPresence on your Mac, download OmniPresence for Mac from the Omni Group website.

OmniPresence sync (and cloud storage in general) is not a replacement for the multi-user collaboration features of in OmniPlan Pro. OmniPresence exists as a cloud storage space to keep files up to date between devices; it doesn’t track changes to those files, doesn’t support publishing actions, and is not intended for multiple users to access simultaneously.

If your project requires editing by multiple contributors, consider the collaborative features offered in the Pro upgrade.

Using OmniPresence With Omni Sync Server

Omni Sync Server is our own custom cloud server that functions as a central hub for all your syncing needs, and it is one option for OmniPresence to connect to when shuttling files between your Mac and iOS devices.

Unlike other compatible cloud servers, since we control the server hardware and software we are able to provide better advice should you run into trouble when syncing.

With Omni Sync Server, we never ever look at your data without your permission. Beyond that, you can rest assured that your data is private and secure on Omni Sync Server. Read more about our privacy policy here.

To use Omni Sync Server, you’ll first need to sign up for a free Omni Account. If you don’t have one, head over to our website and sign up, then follow the instructions in the email that you receive from there.

Using OmniPresence With a Private Server

We understand that sometimes you want to keep your data on your own server. This could be due to company policy, for legal reasons, or your desire to be in charge of backing up everything that is important to you.

If you don’t want to use Omni Sync Server, OmniPresence is capable of connecting to any WebDAV server you choose. This could be one that you run on your own hardware, or a third-party service that you rely on.

Omni is not able to provide direct support for servers run by third parties, so we recommend a good understanding of system administration if you plan on running one yourself.

If you do choose to run your own WebDAV server, this support article on our website provides some pointers for getting things set up.

How OmniPresence Works

With OmniPresence turned on, the WebDAV server you designate (either Omni Sync Server or your own or a third-party WebDAV server) manages synchronization so that your files are always up to date. With each subsequent sync, OmniPresence compares your local files and applies any differences to your files on the server. This ensures that your files are not just up to date, they’re available wherever—and whenever—you need them.

We’ve also built in an automatic sync mechanism. When you save an OmniPlan file to an OmniPresence-enabled folder (or when an Auto Save occurs), OmniPresence updates the file on the sync server. At a bare minimum, OmniPresence checks in with Omni Sync Server every hour and compares files in your sync folder. If nothing has changed, OmniPresence quietly goes back to watching over your files. This helps ensure that your OmniPlan files are always safe, secure, and most importantly—up to date.