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iOS 10 compatibility

iOS 10 is here! The latest versions of all our currently-shipping apps are compatible with iOS 10. Our compatibility releases are as follows:

  • OmniFocus 2.17 for iOS is an update to support iOS 10 and watchOS 3. This release also requires iOS 10 and watchOS 3.
  • OmniGraffle 2.8 for iOS is compatible with iOS 10.
  • OmniOutliner 2.9.6 for iOS contains a fix for text URLs on iOS 10.
  • OmniPlan 3.4 for iOS introduces Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localization support, iOS 10 support, and “App Lock,” an optional privacy feature for locking access to OmniPlan on your device via TouchID or a password.

Previous Versions

We have not extensively tested previous versions of our applications which have been removed from sale on iOS 10. For more information on legacy app compatibility with recent updates to iOS, please refer to our iOS 9 Compatibility article.

In addition to known iOS 9 compatibility issues, we are aware of the following new compatibility issues on iOS 10:

  • OmniFocus 1 for iPad/iPhone: Flags cannot be added or removed from items.
  • OmniFocus 1 for iPad/iPhone: Reminders Capture is no longer operable. Items do not import from Siri, and changes to the Reminders Capture setting are not saved.
Last Modified: Jun 4, 2018

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