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Removing your OmniFocus data from the server

Removing server data is a pretty aggressive troubleshooting step. And should be done carefully. But there are times when it is appropriate. And you have the power to do it yourself! Here are a few examples of when you might want to remove your data:

  • The server data is encrypted with a passphrase you don’t know.
  • You’re getting a sync error. And when you cancel the alert, the data on your device seems fine.
  • You’ve decided to stop using the server.

Removing server data

If you can see your OmniFocus data—and you have access to a Mac—you can forget the sync data. And send a new copy to the server.

  1. Quit OmniFocus on all syncing devices.

  2. Connect Finder to your sync account. (This can only be done on a Mac.)

    • In macOS, open Finder and choose Go ▸ Connect to Server.
    • Enter the URL for the sync account into the Server Address field.
      For Omni Sync Server accounts, use the following URL format:

    • Click Connect.

    • Enter your sync account username and password.

  3. In the Finder window that opens Command-drag (⌘) the “OmniFocus.ofocus” file to move it to your Desktop. (If you want to keep a copy. Otherwise move it to the Trash to permanently delete it.)

  4. Disconnect from the server when you’re finished by clicking the eject button (⏏) in Finder.

Setting server data aside

If moving the “OmniFocus.ofocus” file off the server runs into any trouble, you can rename it instead. (We suggest “old-OmniFocus.ofocus”.) This will cause OmniFocus to no longer ‘see‘ the server database. (But leaves the data on the server.)

Syncing new data to the server

If you want to send new OmniFocus data to the server, now’s your chance!

  1. Sync the device whose database you want to keep and wait for the sync to finish.

    Note: Only do this once from a single device. Other devices will pull the new data from the server in step 2.

    Note: You should not be asked for an encryption passphrase at this point. If you are start over.

  2. Sync each of your other devices.

    Note: Older versions of OmniFocus may ask you to choose a database. If prompted, choose Keep Sync Database.

Your OmniFocus encryption passphrase should now match your sync account password.

Let us help!

If run into any trouble please get in touch with our support team using the contact information below. We’re happy to help! (Including your Omni Sync Server account name or email address can also help speed things along.)

Last Modified: Oct 27, 2017

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