Upgrading from OmniFocus 2 (legacy support edition) by completing your bundle

Update: On July 19th, 2017, we removed the legacy support edition of OmniFocus 2 from the App Store. Existing owners of the iPhone-only edition of the app can upgrade to the Universal edition at no cost by downloading OmniFocus 2 for iOS and checking for a discount in the In-App Purchases area. Learn more about upgrading here.

Users who currently own the iPhone-only OmniFocus 2 (legacy support edition) are able to just pay the difference in price to get the Universal app, OmniFocus 2 for iOS. This is possible by using the App Store’s new “Complete My Bundle” feature that was introduced in iOS 8. We’ve created the OmniFocus Legacy Support Bundle for the purposes of helping our existing OmniFocus 2 customers to upgrade to the Universal app.

To take advantage of this discount, log into the iTunes App Store with the same Apple ID you originally used to purchase OmniFocus 2. When viewing the OmniFocus Legacy Support Bundle, you’ll be offered a discounted price for the remaining app in the bundle (OmniFocus 2 for iOS). For example, in the U.S. Store the price of OmniFocus 2 for iOS should appear as $20.00 Buy Bundle if your previous purchase is recognized.

A video walkthrough of this process is available here: Upgrading to OmniFocus 2 for iOS

More information on the Universal build of OmniFocus, including the new features it adds compared to the iPhone-only OmniFocus 2, is available on this page: Comparing OmniFocus 2 (legacy support edition) and OmniFocus 2 for iOS (Universal)

OmniFocus 1 users: Looking to upgrade to OmniFocus 2? If you’re purchasing OmniFocus 2 for the first time, you won’t need the OmniFocus Legacy Support Bundle. All you’ll need to download is the Universal version of OmniFocus 2, with the black checkmark. Learn how to get your upgrade discount here.

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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