What happened to the Omni Productivity Pack on iOS?

Sadly, the Omni Productivity Pack bundle is no longer available for purchase on iOS, beginning with the release of OmniPlan 3 for iOS on February 4th, 2016. Our CEO, Ken Case, explains why:

The existing “Omni Productivity Pack” will no longer be available once we remove OmniPlan 2 from sale—which we’ve just done. We could create a new bundle that includes the new SKU¹, but I worry that that will actually just cause more confusion than it’s worth when people who own the old bundle try to purchase the new one and discover that Complete My Bundle won’t give them credit for any of the old apps. And, of course, this would happen again and again going forward as we roll out new versions of each of our apps (each time requiring yet another productivity bundle SKU). So, while it makes me sad, I think we’re probably best off just retiring the bundle altogether.

Getting rid of the bundle wasn’t a goal of ours, so it wasn’t something we had on our roadmap. We remain hopeful that we’ll someday be able to offer upgrade discounts in the App Store that are as flexible and generous as they are for Mac apps in our own online store.

¹ SKU”: A unique identifier for a product, to distinguish it from other listings in an inventory. In this case, each productivity bundle would be recognized as an entirely separate offering in the App Store.

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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