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Accessing the OmniFocus database file on iOS

Sometimes when troubleshooting a problem with OmniFocus, our Support Humans might ask you for a copy of your OmniFocus database taken directly from your iOS device. There are several ways to access that file, all of which can also be used to copy a “backup” of the database to another device for safekeeping:

The Files App

Your OmniFocus database and backup files appear in the On My iPhone (or On My iPad) section of the Files app, in the OmniFocus folder. This access is intended explicitly for troubleshooting purposes––moving and editing of OmniFocus documents via Files without instructions from Omni is likely to cause data loss.

Emailing the Database File

If OmniFocus is installed on an iOS device, following this link on that device will open an email compose screen with the OmniFocus database file attached. The default recipient is our Support Humans, but you can change that (in case you’d rather email it to yourself) or add additional notes to the message before you send it. This link can fail if the database is larger than the amount of available RAM on your device.

iTunes File Sharing

If you have access to a Mac with iTunes installed, you can potentially connect to iTunes File Sharing as a way to manually make a copy of your OmniFocus database. The process is covered in detail in this article.

Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

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