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Reverting to an OmniFocus for iOS database backup

Accessing backups in OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad

OmniFocus regularly and automatically makes backups of your data. To view, manage, and access your backups in the iPhone and iPad app, go to Settings > Backups.

Automatic Backups are turned on by default, taking a new daily backup (every 24 hours). Two daily backups will kept at a time (this can be customized in OmniFocus 4). You can also create backups manually when needed, which are not overwritten by the daily backups—just tap Back Up Now, at the bottom of the Backups screen. An automatic backup will also be taken when taking actions that replace or re-write data: - Reverting to a backup - Replacing local data with sync data - Replacing sync data with local data - Migrating to a new database format

The Backups screen will then show you all of your available backups, listed chronlogically by the date and time the backup was taken. Tap any backup to view the details of that backup, which shows the date created, file size, and the reason why the backup was taken, along with the option to revert to the backup.

Reverting to a backup

If you’d like to revert OmniFocus to a backup, tap the Revert to This Backup button at the bottom to the detail screen. A confirmation prompt will appear, warning you that reverting to this backup will erase any changes made to your data since that backup was created.

If you are syncing, this process will also automatically replace the data on the server and your other syncing copies of OmniFocus.

On iPhone and iPad it is not possible to preview the contents of a backup before reverting to it. However, when reverting a backup, another new backup will automatically be taken of the existing data being replaced. If you decide you don’t want the restored data, you can simply revert again to that new backup of the previous data that was just replaced.

Last Modified: Dec 13, 2023

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