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Reverting to an OmniFocus for iOS database backup

Starting in OmniFocus 2.15 for iOS, OmniFocus can now store local backups directly on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to access these backups.

  1. In OmniFocus 3 on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the Home screen and tap the Settings icon. In OmniFocus 2, swipe down on the OmniFocus home screen to reveal the secret bar and tap Settings (on iPhone), or drag down on the home sidebar (iPad and iPhone Plus) to reveal the secret bar, then tap Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and tap Backups in the Database section.

The OmniFocus 2 for iOS Backups list

The Backups area shows all your available backups. Automatic Backups are turned on by default, and will automatically keep one daily backup at a time. If you’d like to turn these off for any reason, tap the Automatic Backups toggle. Tap Back Up Now whenever you’d like to create a manual backup. Manual backups will not be overwritten by the daily automatic backup.

Examining a backup in OmniFocus 2

Tap any backup to view the details of that backup, including the date it was created, file size, and the reason that backup was created. The Reason will state why this backup was created. For example, Manual means you tapped the Back Up Now button, or Before Migrating Database indicates this backup was automatically created using the old database format, just before you migrated to the new encrypted format.

If you’d like to revert OmniFocus to this backup, tap the Revert to This Backup button. A confirmation prompt will appear, warning you that reverting to this backup will erase any changes made to your database since that backup was created. If you’re syncing OmniFocus with the server, restoring your database from a backup also pushes the contents of that backup up to your sync location, and sets a flag that tells all of your other clients to download this database the next time they sync.

If your other synced devices are running OmniFocus versions prior to 2.6 for Mac and 2.15 for iOS, the next time you sync OmniFocus on that device, you’ll be alerted that the database on the server no longer matches the database on the device. If you see this prompt appear in OmniFocus for Mac, click Sync when prompted to “Replace your database and start syncing?”. On iOS devices, choose Keep Sync Database.

Last Modified: Jan 29, 2020

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