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Troubleshooting crashes in our Mac apps

If one of our Mac applications is crashing when you try to open it, the first thing you’ll want to try is to hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, then open the app again. Continue to hold the Shift key as the application starts up, until you see the first window appear. The crash may be related to a problem trying to restore a view state, and holding down the Shift key when opening the app should reset that.

If that doesn’t resolve the crash, try restarting your Mac. As cliché a troubleshooting step as this sounds, the majority of emails we receive about such issues are resolved by these two steps.

When the OmniGroup CrashCatcher window appears, please make sure to click the Send Crash Report And Quit button to email us with more information about the crash. Please also include any information you can recall about what’s triggered the crash.

When you send the crash to us, you’ll get an AutoReply email with a ticket number, which will be written like OG #123456. We process crash reports differently than our support queues, so you may not be contacted about the crash report unless we have a specific question about it. These reports help us out considerably to improve the stability of our applications for future updates, so thank you for taking the time to send that in!

If you’d like to be contacted by one of our Support Humans for assistance with this crash, please use the Contact Omni… item under the application’s Help menu or send an email to and we’ll be happy to get in touch. It’ll help us assist you more rapidly if you could include the OG # from the auto-response of your crash report, so that we can find any relevant crash tickets in our queue.

We strive to test our applications as thoroughly as possible, so we apologize about the crash in the first place. If you encounter an issue we’ve missed, by alerting us to these issues you help us address emerging problems before they affect other customers. Thanks again!

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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