How to update an application which is no longer sold in the App Store

When we release a major new version of our apps, we normally remove the prior version from sale. However, they remain in the App Store and can be re-downloaded from your purchase history.

If you’d like to continue using one of our legacy apps, we recommend running the latest release to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest bug fixes and compatibility improvements. In the table below, we’ve listed the most recent update to each app that’s been removed from sale.

Application Version OS Supported Release Date
OmniFocus 1 for Mac 1.10.6 OS X 10.6 November 6, 2013
OmniFocus 1 for iPhone 1.16.3 iOS 7 September 29, 2013
OmniFocus 1 for iPad 1.6.5 iOS 7 October 4, 2013
OmniGraffle 5 for Mac 5.4.4 OS X 10.6 July 9, 2013
OmniGraffle 6 for Mac 6.6.2 macOS Sierra 10.12.2 January 4, 2017
OmniGraffle 1 for iPad 1.9.3 iOS 7 September 10, 2013
OmniOutliner 4 for Mac 4.6.1 macOS Sierra 10.12 October 17, 2016
OmniOutliner 1 for iPad 1.5.3 iOS 7 September 17, 2013
OmniPlan 2 for Mac 2.4.3 OS X 10.10 November 30, 2015
OmniPlan 2 for iOS 2.5.2 iOS 9 March 3, 2016
OmniPlan 1 for iPad 1.3.1 iOS 7 October 29, 2013

If you’re running an older release than the updates listed above, there’s a special procedure required in order to update—as we’ve removed these versions from sale, we’re unable to automatically push the updates out to users, and as a result it won’t appear in your Updates tab. To install an update, you’ll need to delete and reinstall the application. As long as you are using the same Apple ID that you used for the original purchase, and are in the same country, the App Store will allow you to re-download any of your past purchases. To do so:

  1. Back up any data stored in the application (deleting the application will permanently remove any local data). To back up OmniFocus data, complete a sync. To backup data stored in the iOS versions of OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner or OmniPlan, either sync, email yourself a copy of documents, or transfer documents to your computer via iTunes.

  2. Delete the application. On Mac, uninstall the app from the Launchpad. On iOS, touch and hold on the application icon on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen. When the black x in the upper corner of the app icon appears, tap the x to delete the application. When prompted, choose to delete the application and its data.

  3. Open the App Store, and navigate to the Purchased area. On Mac, tap the Purchased tab in the toolbar. On iOS, Purchased is a tab at the bottom of the screen on the iPad, but lives within the Updates tab on the iPhone.

  4. Locate our app in the list and tap the Install button on the right side. This should prompt the most current version to install.

  5. Open the newly installed application on your device. If you were previously syncing the application, reconfigure sync to regain access to your data.

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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