iOS apps missing from App Store purchases

Update: As of Thursday, October 8, Apple has resolved the issue and our version 1 iOS apps are once again available for download in the App Store! If you continue to experience any difficulty installing any of your previously purchased apps, please contact us at the address listed below.

On Thursday, October 1, we learned that our customers were no longer able to download any of our version 1 iOS apps from the Purchased section of the App Store. This change came as a surprise to us; it has always been our expectation that our apps would be available indefinitely to any customers who have purchased them, even if those apps were no longer available for sale to new customers. We have asked Apple to make those older apps available again as soon as possible, and recommend that customers who wish to reinstall those apps contact Apple to let them know that this issue is important to them:

  1. Visit the Contact Apple Support webpage.
  2. Click Get started.
  3. Select iTunes and Apple Music, then iTunes Store.
  4. Select Purchases, Billing, and Redemption and you’ll see an option to contact Apple regarding trouble recovering a missing purchased item.

If you contact Apple, you may wish to reference the tracking number 22951984 for the “RADAR” bug report our CEO has filed with Apple about these missing downloads.

In the meantime, if you happen to have downloaded those apps to your desktop or laptop using iTunes, you should be able to reinstall those apps to your iOS device from iTunes. Otherwise, unfortunately you’ll need to wait until they reappear in the App Store.

We’re hopeful that Apple will resolve this soon, and are sorry for any inconvenience and frustration. If you would like for us to contact you directly when we learn more, please email and we’ll be happy to keep you in the loop.

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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