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What happens to my feature request?

When you write in to tell us what you’re looking for in our applications, whether you are a current user of our software or just shopping for something that will suit your needs, we listen! As a matter of fact, we keep track of every email, tweet, Facebook post and phone call (and more) in our bug-tracking database:

  • If the Support Human you’re working with finds an existing entry in our database that matches your request or report, they’ll add your note to it. If they decide that your request or report is something we haven’t seen before, they’ll create a new entry.
  • Depending on the specifics of your conversation, your email or tweet might be copied and pasted directly, or pasted and annotated, or summarized. If you contacted us by email or twitter, their notes include a link to your original message so that it can be referred back to if necessary.
  • The team working on the app you contacted us about may have questions about what that request means. In an effort to understand what you are really looking for, we may ask for clarification. Knowing why people are looking for a certain feature is sometimes more helpful that what they are looking for.
  • Sometimes, the Product team may decide that something you reported as a feature request is a bug report, and vice versa. When something blocks you from using the application in a way we’ve intended it to be used, we think that’s a bug.

Realistically we cannot add every feature that folks ask for. We do our best to make informed decisions that will enhance our applications and satisfy the needs of customers and potential customers. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are:

  • Is this request consistent with the purpose of the application?
  • Is this something that we can not only do, but do well?
  • Will this feature make the application confusing or hard to use?
  • How many people have asked for something like this?

Adding features that will enhance our applications and in turn, hopefully enrich your experience using them, is something we really enjoy. Although sometimes we have to prioritize fixing a problem over adding cool new things, trust us: we’d much rather be doing the latter! So even though you may not see the feature you asked for added to your favorite Omni application, we do appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you’d like to see in upcoming releases.

Last Modified: Oct 2, 2017

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