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Guidelines for great bug reporting

Thanks for helping us improve our software by reporting bugs! We strive to continue making our applications better, and part of that process involves identifying and reproducing bugs. Creating software means designing for an ever-changing platform, and by alerting us to issues you’re experiencing, you’re helping us address problems before they affect other customers. You can have a direct impact on bringing the changes you wish to see to our software.

When something doesn’t work properly, or doesn’t work the way you think it should, we’d genuinely appreciate if you could let us know about it. Even if you think it’s an obvious issue that we’re probably already working on…we might not know about it, and we rely on external reports to inform us of things we might not be seeing over here.

The best way to submit your bug report will be to send it to us via email, including as much information about the issue as possible. We can be reached at, or by using the Contact Omni option built into all of our apps (under Menu Bar > Help on Mac, and in the settings gear menu on iOS).

What makes a great bug report?

Certain things are always helpful for us to know, no matter the bug:

  • What you were trying to do when the bug occurred?

  • What steps did you take to trigger this behavior?

  • What did you expect to happen, and what happened instead?

These first few steps help us reproduce your bug. If we can reproduce it on our end, that dramatically improves our ability to test against this behavior and verify our fixes internally.

Next up, we’d like more information about what you’re running, and how you’re running it:

  • The name and version of the application that you’re using. This is automatically included if you use Contact Omni to generate your message. On Mac, version info can also be found by choosing the About item from the Application menu. On iOS, the in-app Settings include an About option.

  • The macOS version and build information or iOS software version that you are running, as well as any recent updates that have been applied (such as Security or video driver updates). The model of your device — iPhone 6 Plus, MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), etc. — is also appreciated.

  • Describe how your device or configuration might differ from an out-of-the-box device. External monitors? Any helper apps or extensions? Third-party keyboard? Jailbreaking or custom OS modifications?

  • When describing cosmetic issues or anything else visual, it’s a huge help if you can include a screenshot that shows what you are seeing. To take a screenshot of your Mac, press Shift-Command-3 (⇧⌘3). A picture will be saved to your Desktop. On iOS, press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. The screen will flash white and a screenshot will be saved to your Photos app. The bigger the screenshot, the better! If you could attach this to your reply, it’ll be very helpful.

  • If the issue occurred while working with one of our document-based apps, check to see if you see the same results in a new blank document. If the issue is related to a particular file, a copy of the document you’re working with is super appreciated. Anything you send our way would be used exclusively for testing and debugging purposes while we continue to improve our apps (here’s our Privacy Policy). If the file contains confidential information, you can send us an anonymized document in OmniGraffle and OmniPlan by going to Help > Contact Omni/Send Feedback… > Include.

  • On Mac, check the Console application (from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder) for messages related to our software. Click File > Save A Copy As… and attach the file to your response.

Last Modified: Jul 15, 2020

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