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Create a Force-Directed diagram

In Create a Hierarchical diagram, you learned how to create a simple diagram by adding some shapes to the canvas and connecting them with lines.

The other layout style available in the Diagram Layout inspector is Force-Directed. Unlike a hierarchical diagram, which flows from the top, right, bottom, or left side, a force-directed diagram flows outward from a central object in the diagram.

A Force-Directed diagram

Use the two sliders to control the amount of space between the objects. The top slider specifies the length of the connecting lines between objects, while the bottom slider controls the separation, or spread, between the objects.

The Diagram Layout inspector, set to a Force-Directed Layout with the sliders in different positions to control the line lengths and spread

After adjusting the sliders, tap Lay Out Now to apply the changes to the diagram.

Last Modified: Jan 29, 2020

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