OmniGraffle 3 Reference Manual for iOS

Appendix B


The following gestures can be used while working in OmniGraffle.

Gesture Action Description
single-tap gesture Select an object or interact with the user interface Tap with a single finger.
single-tap gesture Enter image mask mode Tap an image with a single finger.
touch and hold gesture Touch and hold Touch and hold an object with a single finger; commonly used in combination with other gestures.
single finger double-tap gesture Select a value in an inspector, or the text in a text label Double-tap with a single finger.
two-finger double-tap gesture Zoom object or canvas to fit screen Double-tap an object, or on the canvas, with two fingers.
pinch to zoom in gesture Pinch to zoom in on the canvas Move two fingers together.
pinch to zoom out gesture Pinch to zoom out on the canvas Move two fingers apart.
drag to select gesture Drag to select Touch the canvas and then drag your finger to select objects on the canvas.
gesture to scroll the canvas in any direction Scroll Swipe in any direction to scroll; swipe up or down in the Sidebar or Inspector Bar, or in any direction on the canvas.
gesture for rotating objects Rotate an object Touch an object with two fingers and then rotate.
gesture for moving objects Move an object on the canvas Touch and hold to select the object, and then slide your finger to move the object.
gesture for selecting multiple items on the canvas Select multiple, non-contiguous objects, on the canvas Touch and hold on the first object, and then quickly (before the contextual menu appears) tap the other objects you would like to select.
gesture for toggling individual Bezier handle controls Switch between manipulating both control handles on a Bézier curve simultaneously, or each individually With the Point Editor Tool selected, touch and hold a vertex to reveal its control handles (or touch and hold a handle if already revealed), then tap anywhwere on the canvas to switch between modes.

In addition to the gestures listed above, OmniGraffle 3.11 and later support the iOS built-in gestures for Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo.