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Are there any differences in app functionality between Omni Store and Mac App Store?

For years now, our Mac applications have been available for purchase both direct from our Omni Store, as well as Apple’s Mac App Store.

Whether you decide to purchase direct from us or through the Mac App Store, you get an identical product with all the same functionality. The applications will store files in slightly different locations depending on if you purchase direct or through the App Store, but the overall operation of the applications remains the same.

There are different benefits to each store:

  • The Mac App Store lets you purchase, download, and install our updates all in one place. Your purchase gets tied to the Apple ID you used to buy the app, and updates will be installed along with OS updates and other apps you’ve purchased from the store.

  • Through our website we offer much more flexible terms and options: volume discounts, as well as educational pricing through our EDU Store. We are also sometimes able to update the version of the application downloaded directly from our website more quickly than the Mac App Store version of the application.

You’re welcome to purchase from whichever store better suits your preference! Please note that we are unable to migrate customers from our store to the Mac App Store, or vice versa.

We offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our products purchased from this website—our own Omni Group Store. When we can, we do the same with Apple’s App Stores. But please remember that the 30-day guarantee is not intended to take the place of a trial period: we pay 30% of our App Store sales to Apple whether or not we refund a purchase. If you’d like to try one of our Mac apps, we have two-week trial downloads available on each of our product pages.

Last Modified: Jul 15, 2020

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