Migrating to the New OmniFocus Database Format

OmniFocus 2.6 for Mac and OmniFocus 2.15 for iOS introduce a new sync format which is encrypted and paves the way for future features. This article covers migrating to the new format after installing the latest update.


Starting in OmniFocus 2.15 for iOS and 2.6 for Mac, OmniFocus observes which other copies of the app you are using to sync your database. When all of your Macs with OmniFocus are at version 2.6 and your iOS devices are at version 2.15, the Migration window gives the green light to make the transition to the new, improved database format.

The OmniFocus for Migration Prompts

Choose Migrate Database, and voilà! OmniFocus syncs your database in the new format to all of your devices. If you choose Later on the Mac, you’ll be prompted to migrate again in one day (and you can always use the Migrate Database… from the OmniFocus File menu item to migrate sooner).

If you have some older versions of OmniFocus that need to be updated or disconnected from sync before you can migrate, OmniFocus will let you know about that as well.

OmniFocus showing clients that don't support the new format

If you’d like to see which devices OmniFocus thinks are ready and which need to be updated or disconnected, choose Migrate Database from the OmniFocus File menu item (OS X) or from OmniFocus Settings (iOS). If this goes straight to the Migration prompt, that means you’re ready to Migrate and can proceed without updating any other devices.

Disconnecting Older Versions

OmniFocus will let you know if you have old versions of OmniFocus that need to be removed from syncing before you can migrate. This might include older copies of OmniFocus that were installed on a device that you’ve since updated. If you’ve verified that OmniFocus has been updated but an old entry is still showing up for that device during migration, it’s safe to manually remove the entry. All versions of OmniFocus include a list of clients, where these stale entries may appear as duplicates:

  • On Mac, there’s a Show Clients button at the bottom of the Migration window–this button opens the Sync Devices sheet, where you can select duplicate entries and remove them using the Unregister button. The entry for the current device (the one you shouldn’t remove) appears in bold.
  • On iOS, go to OmniFocus Settings > Registered Devices, and use the Edit button or swipe duplicate entries to unregister them. The entry for the current device (again, the one you shouldn’t remove) appears in purple.


If you want to stop using the new format for some reason, you’ll need to restore a backup from before you migrated.

Last Modified: Nov 18, 2016

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