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Syncing OmniPlan using Omni Sync Server

Note about OmniPresence document syncing

OmniPresence is a legacy solution for syncing documents across iOS and macOS devices. For current versions of OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle and OmniPlan, Omni recommends syncing via iCloud Drive, because of its reliability, accessibility and direct system integration. Learn more about setting up iCloud Drive.

OmniPlan now offers two distinct sync options: OmniPresence sync, intended for a single user to keep projects in sync across multiple devices, and publication and subscription to a server repository, designed for collaborative workflows when multiple users need to contribute to a communally shared project.

Whichever option you pick, storing the project on the Omni Sync Server makes staying in sync easy. If you don’t already have an Omni Sync Server account, sign up for one here.

For step-by-step instructions for configuring OmniPlan for sync, we’ve included a handy tutorial in our user manuals. For your convenience, collected below are direct links to the relevant sections of each user manual.

OmniPresence Sync

OmniPresence sync is a standard feature in OmniPlan 3, and is also available in OmniPlan 2 for iOS/Mac. The standalone OmniPresence for Mac client can be downloaded here: Download OmniPresence for Mac

Note: OmniPlan 2 for Mac users can follow the same steps outlined in the OmniPlan 3 for Mac User Manual to set up OmniPresence sync.

Multi-User Publication and Subscription (Pro)

Collaborative sync is a Pro feature in OmniPlan 3, and is also available in OmniPlan 2 for iOS/Mac.

What’s the difference between updating and publishing?

When you Update an OmniPlan project using the collaborative sync option, the app takes a look at the local copy of the project you’re working on and compares it against the latest information on the server. If your local copy is out of date, performing an update will download the newer changes from your server repository. The auto-update feature automates the process of checking for and downloading new server data.

On the other hand, Publish takes any changes you’ve made on this local copy and communicates those changes to the server. You can think of this like an upload.

The auto-update doesn’t also publish changes to the server. Why? OmniPlan doesn’t have an automated publish because often times people make a lot of big changes to a project file. We don’t want to upload in-progress changes behind your back, because this can throw off the schedules of anybody you’re collaborating with. That’s why we leave it to you to tell the server you’re ready to upload your changes, by tapping the “publish” button.

Last Modified: Jan 25, 2023

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