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Unknown Omni Account credentials

Having trouble logging in to your Omni Account to manage your licenses/subscriptions or sync with the Omni Sync Server?

First, double-check you’ve entered everything properly. Your account name must be entered in all lowercase. Even if you specified capital letters in your username when creating your account, it is automatically converted to all lowercase. Your password, however, is CaSe-SenSiTiVe, and can contain numbers and other characters (e.g. !, @, #, etc.).

Still can’t log in?

I don’t know my account password?

If you’ve lost or forgotten your account password, use this form to request a new password. Enter the email address you used when signing up for your account, and you will receive an email that contains a link to reset your password.

Important note for OmniFocus users

In addition to your account password, OmniFocus also encrypts the synced copy of your database, and resetting your account password does not reset the passphrase that keeps your database encrypted. This means that you will still be unable to sync even after resetting your account password.

If you have another copy of OmniFocus that can still sync, then you can look up your existing password.

If you aren’t able to look up your existing account password or you are stuck on a prompt asking for an “encryption passphrase”, then please see this support article.

I don’t know my account name?

If you don’t remember the username for your account, you can try to look it up in an app where it is already in use:


  • menu bar > OmniFocus > Preferences… > Sync > Account Name

OmniFocus / OmniGraffle / OmniOutliner
  • menu bar > [App Name] > Omni Account… > Account Name

  • menu bar > OmniPlan > Server Accounts… > [Select account] > Edit Account > Account Name

  • menu bar > OmniPlan > Manage Omni Account and Purchases… > Account Name

  • menu bar > OmniPresence menu bar icon > OmniPresence Inspect button > Account Name


  • Home screen/sidebar > Settings button > Sync > Account Name

OmniGraffle / OmniOutliner / OmniPlan
  • Document Browser > App Menu button > Configure OmniPresence Syncing > [OmniPresence account] > Account Name

  • Document Browser > App Menu button > Omni Account > Account Name

  • Document Browser > App Menu button > Server Repositories > [server account] > Edit Repository Details > Username

If you can’t look up your account name in one of our apps, you can use the password reset form. The email that is sent to you will include your account name in the button to reset the password for that account.


It is not necessary to proceed with actually resetting your password if you just needed to know your account name. However, if you also don’t know your password AND you are an OmniFocus user, then please review this important information from above.

Last Modified: Mar 16, 2022

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