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Finding the version or revision number of an Omni app on macOS

The About window will show the installed version of your Omni application for Mac. At the bottom-left corner, you can locate a version number (like 3.0, 7.16.4, and so forth), which is the primary method we use to identify major and minor updates to our applications.

In addition to this version number, each build of our apps also has an extended revision number starting with v, which identifies the exact version of the code it’s built from. When we are doing public or private tests where multiple builds have the same version number (for example, the prerelease public beta of OmniFocus 3.0), we use the revision number to identify each test build.

The About OmniPlan 4 window, displaying a version and revision number

Here’s how to find either of these numbers after installing any Omni application for Mac:

  1. Open our software.
  2. Go to the Menu Bar, click the application menu, then select About *OmniApp. (for example: Menu Bar > OmniPlan > About OmniPlan)
  3. In the left half of this window, check the string starting with v at the bottom, just after the version number.
Last Modified: Sep 2, 2020

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