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Mac and iOS apps are sold separately

The Mac and iOS versions of our applications are separate products and purchases. At this time, the App Store does not offer a way to bundle our Mac apps together with our iOS apps, so our Mac and iOS apps are sold separately. The Mac and iOS editions of our products have each been designed from the ground up specifically for their particular platform, with lots of independent work going into each one to make sure it takes advantage of each platform’s particular features and capabilities and feels entirely at home on the device you use it on.

Although they are separate apps—and are built to be totally usable on their own—we’ve also made sure that you can use the iOS and Mac versions together. Both apps need to be purchased if you wish to run our software on both the Mac and iOS platform, and each iOS app is fully sync-compatible with its Mac counterpart—and vice versa. We’ve tried to make sure that each app is priced reasonably as an independent product, and we hope you’ll agree that the Mac and iOS products become even more valuable when you use them together.

Our Mac apps can be purchased either through our online store or Apple’s Mac App Store, and can be installed on any of your Macs for your own use. On iOS, all apps are sold exclusively via the App Store. Our iOS versions are universal iOS apps which can be installed on both iPhone and iPad with a single purchase.

Last Modified: Jul 17, 2019

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