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Does the Omni Group offer business pricing?

Yes! The Omni Group offers different models that fit different needs. If you have additional questions about the below options, please email

Team Subscriptions

Team subscriptions are available as a new purchase option. A team is a group of people subscribing to our software using a single subscription, paying together rather than as individuals.

The team subscriptions option has several benefits: it simplifies payment because a single bill covers all team members; it simplifies management because it removes the need to track individual licenses; it reduces up-front investment; and it makes recurring costs predictable.

Team subscriptions are additionally valuable because they’re cross-platform subscriptions to our Pro apps. For instance, if you purchase a team subscription to OmniPlan, team members will be able to run OmniPlan Pro on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

For more information, see our support article on purchasing team subscriptions.

Quantity Discounts

The Omni Group offers a quantity discount on any combination of Mac licenses purchased through our online store. For each license purchased beyond the first within the same transaction, you will receive an additional 5% off your entire order, up to 30% off.

You can take advantage of this pricing through our direct store at

Note that quantity discounts are not available for subscriptions, however.

Enterprise Editions

For customers who prefer to purchase through Apple, we now offer Enterprise editions of our apps that can be purchased using Apple Business Manager, as well as through the Mac and iOS App Stores. These editions are the Pro version of each application.

Please note that the Enterprise editions are for customers who wish to pay full-price up front. These editions do not support a free trial period or discounted upgrade pricing.

Site Licenses

Sites Licenses are for businesses and organizations that would like to pay a single bill, generally yearly, that allows them to provide one or more Omni apps to many of their employees.

With Site Licenses, the business or organization manages the list of users themselves, through logins to their website. This is different from team subscriptions, where the team members list is managed through our website.

If you may be interested in a site license, please email and we’ll help you.

Last Modified: Mar 2, 2020

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