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Team Subscriptions & Licenses

Team subscriptions and licenses are new licensing options for Omni’s applications. Both team subscriptions and license simplify license management, while team subscriptions also reduce up-front commitment, and make costs predictable for teams who use Omni applications.

Team subscriptions are cross-platform subscriptions for the Pro versions of a single app. For example, a single seat of the OmniPlan team subscription provides a team member with access to both OmniPlan Pro for Mac and OmniPlan Pro for iOS.

Team licenses for current versions of our Mac apps and are available for purchase for a one-time fee. This purchase does not include future major version releases (though we provide a discount for folks that would like to upgrade).

This article provides information about purchasing a team subscription or license, managing and inviting team members to join a team , registering a team invitation, and answers frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions about team subscriptions or licenses that are not addressed by this article, please email

Omni Accounts

Team subscriptions and licenses are purchased and managed via an Omni Account. If you don’t already have an Omni Account set up, you can sign up for one here. If you have questions about using Omni Accounts, please see our privacy policy.

Purchasing a Team Subscription or License

Team subscriptions and licenses are available for purchase in our online store. To purchase a team subscription or license, first select the application you would like to purchase, choose whether you’d like to purchase a subscription or license for that application, then select the Team option (listed below the individual purchase option). Enter the total quantity of team seats (a team seat is required for each team member who will be using an application via the subscription or license), and click Add to Cart to initiate the checkout process.

In order to complete the purchase of a team subscription or license, you will need to sign in to an existing Omni Account, or create a new one.

Managing a Team Subscription or License

Once a team subscription or license has been purchased, a Manage Teams button will be available on the Omni Account Management page when signed in to the Omni Account used for the team purchase.

"Manage Teams" Option in Omni Accounts

Click Manage Teams to access the team management interface.

Inviting Team Members in Omni Accounts

To invite team members to join your team, enter their email addresses in the Invite Users field (by default, the team manager is not assigned a seat; to assign a seat to the team manager’s Omni Account, add the team manager’s email address as an invited user, then register the invitation to the team manager’s Omni Account).

Invited team members will receive an invitation email with information on how to register and begin using their team seat. After a team member has accepted a team invitation, the Omni Account associated with the seat will be displayed next to their email address.

Managing Team Members in Omni Accounts

To remove a team member from your team subscription or license, check the box to the left of their email address, then click Remove User(s). After a team member has been removed from a team, they will no longer be able to use the team subscription or license to license the application.

To change the number of seats associated with a team subscription or license, please contact our Sales team via the “Add Seats” button in the Team Management interface.

Registering a Team Subscription or License Invitation

An invitation to join a team is required to begin using a team subscription or license. If you have not received an email inviting you to accept your team seat, please contact your team administrator.

To register your team invitation, click the “accept this invitation” link in the invitation email. You will be asked to sign in to your Omni Account — or create an account if you don’t have one.

Invitation to Accept Team Subscription

After signing in to an Omni Account, the Omni Accounts Management page will list the team invitation. When the invitation has been accepted and successfully associated with your Omni Account, the team subscription or license will be listed under Personal Seats in the Team Seats section of the Omni Accounts management page.

Omni Accounts with Associated Team subscription Seat

If the Omni app licensed via the team subscription is not yet installed on your Mac or iOS device, you will now need to install the application. Omni Mac applications can be downloaded via the Omni website or the Mac App Store, iOS applications are available for download in the iOS App Store. (The download links listed below Personal Seats provide shortcuts to the appropriate app downloads.)

After installing the Omni application on your device, the link in the email invitation or “Authorize” link on the Omni Accounts page can be used to quickly open the application directly to the Omni Accounts sign in window. Alternatively, you can access this window directly via the app menu in the Omni Mac apps, or in the Settings Gear menu in the file browser or app home screen on iOS.

After signing in to your Omni Account, the Omni app will display additional information about any subscriptions or license associated with your account, and automatically unlock the appropriate feature set.

If your team subscription is canceled, or the team manager revokes your Omni Account’s subscription or license seat, your documents will remain on your device and you will still be able to use the application’s free viewer mode to share or view any documents.

If you had previously licensed the application via an in-app purchase, license key, etc., that purchase will remain active.


Do team subscriptions include a trial?

No. If you would like to trial an application before purchasing a team subscription (or license), please take advantage of an individual trial for the app. Learn more about trialing Omni apps here.

How many people can make up a “team”?

Teams can be as small as one person, and there is no maximum limit for team size. A team seat is required for each team member who will be licensing an application via the subscription or license.

Why is the “Buy Team Subscriptions” button not displayed?

There may be no team subscriptions available for the signed in Omni Account to purchase. Please email if you think this is in error.

Last Modified: Jul 15, 2020

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