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Our products are usually licensed for a given number of computers or people, deciding in favor of the smaller of the two numbers if they aren’t the same. For instance, one person with both a laptop and a desktop computer (or, say, a home machine and an office machine) can legally install and use a single license on both computers. Similarly, one home computer shared by three family members needs only a single license of the software.

However, it’s important to understand that the licenses are not “floating” licenses. For instance, a business with twenty people needing to use the software across thirty computers needs to purchase twenty licenses, even if no more than ten people will ever use the software simultaneously. While the licensing software does not enforce this restriction, this is the intent of the license, and the understanding under which we sell licenses on our online store.

Additionally, our licensing software allows for licenses to be installed in either of two different ways:

  • Personal: This license is for your personal use, and will only be available on this computer when you are logged in as the user who installed the license. You can install this license on more than one computer, but only for your personal use. If a personal license is available, the application will always use it.
  • Computer: You can use this license on this computer, and so can any other user of this computer. However, you should not install this license on more computers than it has license seats for.

You are free to choose which of these ways you want to install any licenses you purchase, and you can change your mind at any time.

If you’re trying to select the “Computer” license type and are having trouble, read this page to learn more.

How do I install the licenses I bought?

Launch the application and select Licenses from the application menu, which is next to the Apple menu (the Apple logo in the upper-left of your screen). If you have a license file that we sent you, you can drop that file on the window and the Add License panel is displayed with the Owner and License Key fields already filled out. Otherwise, you can click the Add button and enter the owner and license key. Make sure you enter this information exactly as it was provided; copy and paste it if you have the information in an email message. Select the type of license (Personal or Computer; see above for explanations of the license types). Click the Save button, and the licenses are installed.

How do I uninstall licenses? (I accidentally installed as computer licenses and I need to change them to personal licenses, or I installed on my office machine and I’m moving to a new job, for instance.)

Open the licensing panel by choosing Licenses from the application menu (right next to the Apple menu). Click on the license you want to uninstall and then click the Delete License button. A panel appears, showing exactly where the license file is stored, so you can verify that you are uninstalling the correct license.

I bought my own personal license for your product. How do I keep other people on the network from using the license and preventing me from using it?

Install your license as a personal license. (That is, when you license the product, select Personal as the license type.) The license key will be saved in your home folder.

The Mac App Store allows me to install a single license on five Macs. Do you do the same?

We’ve decided to apply Mac App Store-inspired limits to our Omni Store licenses. In particular, our apps now better accommodate single users who have more than one computer. A single-seat license can be used by a single individual for personal use to run on as many as five computers simultaneously.

For now, at least, this is only a change to the way we interpret single-seat licenses; multi-seat licenses will still be enforced the same as they have been. Why?

  • We generally expect single-seat licenses to be used by a single person, and want them to be able to use it on multiple computers so that they receive similar value from purchasing directly from us as they would when purchasing from the Mac App Store (which allows a single user to install an app for their own personal use on all computers they control).

  • We expect multi-seat licenses to be used by separate individuals on the same LAN, which is why we’re more strict about enforcing their stated limits. (Note that we already offer a pricing break when selling these seats.)

Last Modified: Sep 28, 2016

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