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Omni apps on macOS 11 Big Sur

With the release of macOS 11, we’ve released macOS Universal versions of each of our currently shipping apps, which have been fully updated for compatibility with Big Sur and run natively on both Macs with Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs.

Previous Versions

The only versions of our products which are officially supported on Big Sur are our new universal releases. Anyone who owns a previous version of any of our apps is eligible for a 50% discount when upgrading to the latest version. For more information about upgrade discounts, please refer to this article, or contact our Sales team.

It may be possible to continue to use older versions of our apps, but please understand that they’re not going to be fully compatible with macOS Big Sur. Here are some of the new compatibility issues that we’ve been made aware of (note, we have not extensively tested older versions of Omni apps on macOS Big Sur):

  • OmniFocus 2 for Mac — When running OmniFocus 2 on macOS Big Sur, a grey rectangle is visible near the toolbar in the active OmniFocus window. We are not currently aware of a way to work around this issue in OmniFocus 2.
  • OmniOutliner 4 for Mac — Document column headers are not visible on macOS Big Sur.
  • OmniPlan 3 for Mac — Date headers are not dislayed in the Gantt or Resource view on macOS Big Sur in versions of OmniPlan prior to OmniPlan 3.14.3 for Mac. As OmniPlan 3.14.3 was released after OmniPlan 3 was removed from sale, this update may not have been installed automatically for Mac App Store customers.
  • Crash Reporting — With the exception of OmniPlan 3.14.3 for Mac, all previous app versions are unable to send full crash reports to Omni or automatically relaunch after crashing on macOS Big Sur. If you encounter a crash in one of these app versions on Big Sur, you may need to force quit and manually relaunch the application.

In addition to the compatibility issues noted above, please review the articles below before updating your Mac if you’re updating to macOS 11 from a macOS version prior to 10.15:

Last Modified: Nov 18, 2020

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