OmniFocus for the Web Reference Manual

The Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of your OmniFocus window contains a set of buttons for commonly used app functions that are accessible at a single click. This chapter describes the controls available in the toolbar.

Toolbar Tools

App Menu the App Menu button, represented by the OmniFocus check mark icon

Click to show a menu with information about your current OmniFocus for the Web session, along with controls to contact us (if you find a bug, or need help), to sign out from the app, or to read this online help.

Sync the Sync button, two curved arrows pointing at one another

Click to prompt your OmniFocus database to sync with its counterpart in the cloud. (This happens automatically at regular intervals, so you shouldn’t need to manually sync often.)

Click to open and close the sidebar on the left side of OmniFocus.

View the View options button, an eye

Click to customize which items appear in the current perspective’s outline based on their completion status, project order, and other perspective-specific features. See View Options for details.

Clean Up the Clean Up button, a dusting brush

Click to tidy any items in the outline that may belong elsewhere after a change of project, tag, or status.

Undo the Undo button, an arrow curving back on itself pointing left

Click to undo the latest change you made.

Redo the Redo button, an arrow curving back on itself pointing right

Click to restore the most recently undone change.

New Action The New Action button, a plus sign

Click to add an action item at the current location (inside the topmost level of whatever hierarchy is visible in the outline).

Add Items The Add Items button, an arrow pointing down at a tray

Click to open the Add Items dialog for speedily adding new items from anywhere in OmniFocus.

Inspect the Inspect button, an italicized I in a circle

Click to open and close the inspector on the right side of OmniFocus.