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Omni apps on iOS 13

We are in the process of updating OmniFocus 3, OmniGraffle 3, OmniOutliner 3, and OmniPlan 3 for compatibility with iOS 13.

Please check the following page for the latest news on these updates:

Status of Omni Apps and iOS 13

Previous Versions

We have not tested previous versions of our applications which have been removed from sale as extensively on iOS 13, though they have been tested. Before updating your device to iOS 13, we recommend reviewing this article and taking any items listed here into account.

Our older v2 apps haven’t been sold in quite some time, and are no longer being maintained. Licenses for those apps will never expire, but you are responsible for maintaining an environment where those apps can run.

In addition to issues listed in the articles linked below, we are aware of the following new compatibility issues on iOS 13:

OmniFocus 2.22.5 for iOS

  • The sort selection control in the Attachments List screen has misaligned text.
  • The software keyboard can appear even when a hardware keyboard is attached.
  • Extra blank space appears at the top of Library, Outline, and Inspector views.
  • Several window headers do not support dark mode even if that palette is active.
  • Group headers (‘No Context’ and similar) do not support dark mode even if that palette is active.
  • CSV export does not function.
  • Opening submenus within the Settings screen can crash the app.
  • Opening View Options can crash the app.
  • When sending an item to OmniFocus via the Sharing Extension, the project and context lists do not populate and cannot be searched.

OmniFocus 2.19 Legacy Edition

  • Setting up sync or accessing Settings can crash the app.

Document-based 2.x apps

  • The iOS 13 update makes significant changes to the way files are stored, browsed, and accessed. The 2.x releases of OmniGraffle for iOS, OmniOutliner for iOS, and OmniPlan for iOS may continue to function if they were present on the device when it was updated to iOS 13. If the apps are installed or re-installed after that point, they will crash on launch.

If you’ve skipped over a previous iOS update (by replacing an iOS 10 device with a new one, for example) we recommend reviewing these articles as well:

If you’re interested in upgrading to the most recent version of an iOS application from an older version, you may be eligible for a discounted upgrade. Detailed information about purchasing a discounted upgrade in each of our iOS applications is available in the following app-specific articles:

Last Modified: Oct 7, 2019

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