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How do I retrieve my lost license?

Our latest apps no longer require a license key!

In June 2020, we introduced an Omni Accounts login-based unlocking method for all of our latest applications. New purchases now automatically register your license to your account, and earlier purchases can be registered to an account for easier license management. Refer to our article Unlocking our apps with your Omni Account if you are running OmniFocus 3.9, OmniGraffle 7.17, OmniOutliner 5.7, or OmniPlan 4.0 and later.

All Omni applications purchased prior to June 2020 from our online store or any other location outside of the Mac App Store utilize a license key to fully unlock the app. This applies to the following versions of our apps:

  • OmniFocus for Mac 3.8.1 and earlier
  • OmniGraffle for Mac 7.16 and earlier
  • OmniOutliner for Mac 5.6.1 and earlier
  • OmniPlan for Mac 3.14.2 and earlier

If you’re using an older app, or are trying to locate an existing license to register with your Omni Account, your licensing details can be re-sent to you using our automated license retrieval tool. If you purchased the application using our online store, visit the Lost Licenses page and enter the information that page asks for. If we can locate it in our database, your license code will be sent to you shortly.

If you purchased the application at retail and registered the product using our Application Registration form, the Lost Licenses page should also be able to provide you with your license code. Otherwise, please contact our sales department at for further assistance.

Last Modified: Jul 20, 2020

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