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Trial versions of Omni apps

Do you offer trial versions of your Mac apps?

We sure do! If you’d like to try out our software before committing to a purchase, we’re happy to offer a 14-day fully functional trial of all the Omni applications for Mac. This is the best way to spend some hands-on time with our apps—with access to all the same features you’d get with a paid license—to determine if they’ll be a good fit for your use.

If you download any of our applications directly from our website, you can start a trial immediately. To get started, click the Download button on any of our product pages to get the latest version of the app for Mac. If you’re not running the latest version of macOS, you can also use the trial period to evaluate prior updates with different system requirements by downloading from this page.

If you’re demoing an app that has both a Standard and a Pro feature set, use the options in Menu Bar ▸ OmniApp ▸ Free Trial Mode to switch between the Standard and Pro feature sets of the app.

If you’ve decided to purchase the app during (or after) your trial, when you purchase a license from the Omni Store you’ll receive a license that you can plug into the same app you’ve already downloaded to permanently unlock that feature set. If you decide to purchase from the Mac App Store, you’ll need to remove the trial version of the app so that the Mac App Store version can be installed. This support article will help you learn more about the differences between the two stores.

We’ll be here to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us during the trial (or any other time) if we can be of assistance!

Trials in the Mac App Store

All of our Mac App Store offerings have also adopted a free download model. There’s no purchase necessary to start this trial, and your credit card will not be automatically charged for either feature set when the trial period expires.

What are my evaluation options on iOS?

14-day free trials are now available as free In-App Purchases in all of our iOS apps. In addition to this, our Videos and Documentation are a great place to learn more about each app. We also provide a 30-day return guarantee on all our apps, for both Mac and iOS.

Cancelling your trial

There’s no purchase necessary to start any of our trials, and your credit card will not be automatically charged when the trial period expires. There’s no special process required to stop the trial; anytime during or after the trial, you can drag the app to the Trash, or delete it from your iOS home screen to remove it from your device to stop evaluating our software.

Once the 14-day period expires, the app will revert into a locked read-only mode. Customers who want to continue using the app would then have to make a purchase through our web store or the In-App Purchase area in order to continue using it. Unless you opt to complete a subsequent app purchase, you will not be billed the purchase price of the app after your 14-day trial.

From all of us here at the Omni Group, thanks for checking out our software. We appreciate your consideration!

Last Modified: Dec 21, 2018

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