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Trial versions of Omni apps

If you’d like to try out our software before committing to a purchase, we’re happy to offer a 14-day fully functional trial of all the Omni applications for Mac and iOS. This is the best way to spend some hands-on time with our apps—with access to all the same features you’d get with a paid license—to determine if they’ll be a good fit for your use.

Mac apps

Our Mac apps are available through our Omni Store as well as Apple’s Mac App Store. This support article will help you learn more about the differences between the two stores. As of OmniPlan 4, OmniGraffle 7.17, OmniFocus 3.9, and OmniOutliner 5.7, your purchase from either store can be used with either download as long as the purchase is linked to an Omni Account.

To start your trial, launch the app and log into your Omni Account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one at the Omni Accounts management page. Your 14-day trial will automatically begin after logging in.

Each of our apps offers multiple feature sets. During your trial, use the options in Menu Bar > OmniApp > Free Trial Mode to switch between the Standard/Essentials or Pro feature sets of the app.

iOS apps

Our iOS apps are available for download exclusively through Apple’s iOS App Store, and each offer a a built-in 14-day trial.

Document-based apps (OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan)

On first launch, you’ll be asked to start a trial or purchase a license. Select Free Trial then enter your Apple ID to begin evaluating the app.

Once the 14-day period expires, the app will revert into a locked read-only mode where you can view and export your files. Customers who want to continue using the app would then have to make a purchase through the In-App Purchase area in order to continue using it. Unless you opt to complete a subsequent app purchase, you will not be billed the purchase price of the app after your 14-day trial.

OmniFocus for iOS

OmniFocus is available for sale as a one-time purchase for each platform individually, or via an OmniFocus Subscription which includes the iOS, Mac, and Web apps for a monthly or yearly recurring fee.

Standalone license

After downloading OmniFocus from the App Store, tap Try, then follow the options to complete a free purchase using your Apple ID. This option will not bill you automatically at the end of your trial period; you will need to complete an actual In-App Purchase or purchase a subscription after the trial period expires in order to continue using the app. You can also stop evaluating the app by deleting OmniFocus.

OmniFocus Subscription

Download OmniFocus from the App Store, then tap Try and OmniFocus Subscription, then follow the steps on-screen to select a subscription option and create an Omni Account. A 14-day free trial is included for all first-time subscribers. To learn more, check out our help article Subscribing to OmniFocus.

If you purchase your OmniFocus Subscription as an In-App Purchase (from the iOS App Store), you can manage it via the Apple subscription management page. This page is also accessible in the OmniFocus for iOS Settings within the Omni Account and In-App Purchase sections, in OmniFocus for Mac under Menu Bar > OmniFocus > Omni Account.

If you purchase an OmniFocus Subscription through our direct Omni Store, you can manage it via your Omni Accounts page, or in OmniFocus for the Web under OmniFocus > Manage Account.

The Apple subscription management page / Omni Accounts page shows the date on which your subscription will renew. You must cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before this date to avoid being charged. Apple provides more info about managing subscriptions purchased from the Mac or iOS App Store here: Apple Support: View, change, or cancel your subscriptions

From all of us here at the Omni Group, thanks for checking out our software. We appreciate your consideration!

Last Modified: Jul 15, 2020

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