OmniOutliner 3 Pro Reference Manual for iOS

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used with OmniOutliner, and require a hardware keyboard. Press and hold command (⌘) to see a list of shortcuts available from your current location in the app.

Keyboard shortcuts revealed in an OmniOutliner document

The majority of keyboard shortcuts apply only when editing or selecting rows, row text, or note text. Exceptions are noted in the header for each group.

Action Shortcut
Editing Shortcuts (on a selection of rows or text)
Cut ⌘-X
Copy ⌘-C
Paste ⌘-V
Undo ⌘-Z
Redo Shift-⌘-Z
Styles Shortcuts (on a selection of rows or text)
Bold ⌘-B
Italic ⌘-I
Underline ⌘-U
Copy Style ⌘-Option-C
Paste Style ⌘-Option-V
Clear Custom Style ⌘-Control-Delete
Increase Font Size ⌘-+
Decrease Font Size ⌘-–
Toggle First Named Style Control-1
Toggle Second Named Style Control-2
Toggle Third Named Style Control-3
Toggle Fourth Named Style Control-4
Toggle Fifth Named Style Control-5
Toggle Sixth Named Style Control-6
Toggle Seventh Named Style Control-7
Toggle Eighth Named Style Control-8
Toggle Ninth Named Style Control-9
Toggle Tenth Named Style Control-0
Organizational Shortcuts (on a selection of rows or text)
Move Row Up Control-⌘-↑
Move Row Down Control-⌘-↓
Move Row Left Control-⌘-←
Move Row Right Control-⌘-→
Split Row at Cursor Control-⌘-Return
Indent Row ⌘-] or Tab
Outdent Row ⌘-[ or Shift-Tab
Add Row Return
Add Row Above Shift-Return
Add Child Shift-⌘-]
Add Aunt Shift-⌘-[
Group Option-⌘-G
Ungroup Option-⌘-U
Duplicate ⌘-D
Insert Line Break Option-Return
Toggle Editing Row ⌘-Return
Toggle Editing Note ⌘-'
Select All ⌘-A
Deselect All Shift-⌘-A
Back Delete Delete
Forward Delete fn-Delete
Move to Next Cell Tab
The Tab key can be used to either indent/outdent or to navigate between cells, based on your choice in OmniOutliner Settings.
View Management Shortcuts (regardless of selection)
Expand All Rows Control-⌘-9
Collapse All Rows Control-⌘-0
Expand Selected Rows ⌘-9
Collapse Selected Rows ⌘-0
Expand Selected Rows Completely Option-⌘-9
Collapse Selected Rows Completely Option-⌘-0
Toggle Note Visibility For All Rows Control-⌘-'
Zoom In On Text ⌘-option-+
Zoom Out On Text ⌘-option--
Show or Hide Sidebar Option-⌘-1
Show or Hide Inspector Shift-⌘-I
Open or Close Search Field ⌘-F
Selection Management Shortcuts (on a selection of rows)
Scroll to First Row ⌘-↑
Scroll to Last Row ⌘-↓
Move Selected Row Up u
Move Selected Row Down d
Move Left l
Move Right r
Edit Row e
Toggle Checkbox Status Spacebar
Select Row Above
Select Row Below
Expand Selected Row(s)
Collapse Selected Row(s)
Add Row Above to Selection Shift-↑
Add Row Below to Selection Shift-↓
Toggle Note Visibility for Selected Row(s) Option-⌘-'
Document Shortcuts
Add New (while in the document browser) ⌘-N
Close (while editing a document) ⌘-W