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About Omni Accounts

Introduced along with OmniFocus for the Web, your Omni Account is the way to keep track of all your Omni-hosted online services and subscriptions with one set of login credentials.

Omni Accounts and Omni Sync Server

What used to be Omni Sync Server accounts are now Omni Accounts. This means that if you previously had an Omni Sync Server account, you now have an Omni Account, and you can use the same credentials to log in to it.

You can use your Omni Account credentials to log in to the Omni Sync Server management page to control your Omni Sync Server settings, and use them at the Omni Account management page to control your personal settings (like email address and password).

Getting an Omni Account

If you didn’t previously have an Omni Sync Server account and would like to open a new Omni Account, it’s totally free. Sign up with your email address at the Omni Accounts registration page and you’ll receive instructions on how to proceed.

Since subscriptions are associated with an Omni Account, you’ll also create one in the process of subscribing to OmniFocus.

Managing your Omni Account

Your Omni Account is the hub for managing your personal details (like email address and password) and your purchase details (like the payment method for your subscription).

When you log in at you’ll see your account information, including payment details for any subscriptions you signed up for through the Omni Store.

Subscribed via an in-app purchase? You can manage your subscription with Apple’s iTunes Subscription page instead.

Your Omni Account page is securely encrypted and only contains information that you choose to provide for the purposes of access to associated Omni services and subscriptions. You can edit your account credentials, manage or cancel your subscriptions, and add, edit, or remove payment information here as desired.

Last Modified: Aug 5, 2020

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