OmniGraffle 3 Reference Manual for iOS

Document Toolbar

The Document Toolbar is located above the canvas whenever you are working in an OmniGraffle document (diagram, stencil, or template). The Document Toolbar is unique, in the sense that it provides you with document-specific things that you can do; from opening and closing the Navigation Sidebar or Inspectors, exporting the current canvas, or adding a stencil—a pre-drawn object—to the canvas.

An image of OmniGraffle on iPad, with the document toolbar isolated and made to appear bigger in an exploded view.

Document Toolbar

The Document Toolbar features the filename for the document that you are working on, along with a series of buttons to the left and right for working with the current document.

Hide/Show Sidebar a rectangle with two intersecting lines

Tap to hide or show the sidebar along the left side of the screen.

Undo/Redo a hooked line with an arrow that points to the left

Tap to undo the previous change to your document. Touch and hold to reveal a pop-up menu with the option to Redo.

Documents two overlapping page icons

Tap to close the current document and return its folder in the Document Browser.

More an ellipsis

If you see three dots in the toolbar, this implies there are more options/buttons available than there is space for in the toolbar. Tap to open the More menu, which presents the other available options.

Sync with OmniPresence OmniPresence icon

This icon appears to the right of the document filename if the file is synced via OmniPresence. The icon indicates whether a sync is in-progress; tapping the OmniPresence icon initiates a sync.

  • Sync Ready The Sync Ready icon

    In its most basic state, OmniPresence is online and ready to sync files.

  • Sync In-Progress The Sync In-Progress icon

    Whenever OmniPresence notices a change to the files in the sync folder, the icon appears to be lifting a barbell.

  • Sync Offline The Sync Offline icon

    If you lose your Internet connection (which is required for syncing), the icon turns light green to denote that you are offline.

  • Sync Error The Sync Error icon

    If you see a light green sync icon with an exclamation mark, it means that OmniPresence failed to connect to the sync server. This could be the result of an invalid Account Name or Password, or something as simple as an intermittent Internet connection that drops while OmniPresence is trying to connect to the sync server.

    If the icon remains in this state, here are some things you could try:

    • Double-check your Account Name and Password.
    • Check your network connection in

    If that doesn’t help, contact our Support Humans for assistance.

Sharing and Actions a square with an arrow inside that points upward

Tap to open a menu containing options for exporting or sharing the document you are working on. See Sharing and Exporting in the Document Browser chapter for details on the menu options.

Add Stencils and Images a plus sign

Tap to open a menu for adding a stencil or an image from your Photos library to the canvas. See Using the Stencils and Images Menu for additional details.

Automation This is an OmniGraffle Pro feature a greater-than symbol followed by an underscore

Tap to open a menu with options to open the Automation Console or to view the Automation API Reference. This is an OmniGraffle Pro-only feature, used for scripting OmniGraffle with Omni Automation.

Inspectors a circle with a lowercase i inside

Tap to open or close the inspector bar along the right side of the screen.

At the center of the toolbar, next to the Documents icon an icon that looks like a sheet of paper with the upper-right corner dog-eared, is the name of the current document. Tap to edit and change the file name.

Using the Stencils and Images Menu

Tap the plus sign button in a document’s toolbar to open the Stencils and Images menu.

Photo Library a camera

Tapping the camera icon in the menu provides you with the following options:

  • Take Photo: Choose this option to use the camera on your device to take and place on the canvas a picture.
  • Choose Existing: Choose this option to select and add to the canvas a photo in your photo library.
  • Use Latest: Choose this option to place on the canvas the last picture you have taken using the camera on your device.

The first time you tap the plus sign button, you need to authorize OmniGraffle to access your photo library.

Installed a windowpane shape with rounded corners

A list of Stencils installed on your iOS device. See Adding Stencils to the Canvas to see how it’s done.


View available stencils on Stenciltown, Omni’s free online stencil-sharing service. See Downloading and Using Stencils from Stenciltown to see how it’s done.

Use the Search field to quickly find stencils Installed on your device, or available for download from Stenciltown.

Adding Stencils to the Canvas

To add a Stencil that’s already installed on your device, tap the Add Stencil button in the toolbar, choose a stencil set, and then tap or drag a stencil to the canvas.

Adding a stencil to the canvas

Downloading and Using Stencils from Stenciltown

To download stencils from Stenciltown, tap the Add Stencil button in the toolbar, choose Stenciltown in the menu, and then search for the stencil you are looking for and tap Download to add the stencil set to your device.

Downloading stencils from Stenciltown

Searching on—and downloading from—Stenciltown requires an Internet connection.