OmniGraffle 3 Reference Manual for iOS

Appendix E

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used with OmniGraffle, and require a hardware keyboard.

The keyboard shortcuts HUD, as shown on iPad

Action Shortcut
Standard Keyboard Shortcuts
Select All ⌘-A
Cut ⌘-X
Copy ⌘-C
Paste ⌘-V
Duplicate ⌘-D
Delete Delete
Full Screen Control-Shift-F
Undo ⌘-Z
Redo Shift-⌘-Z
New Canvas Option-⌘-N
Previous Canvas ⌘-[
Next Canvas ⌘-]
Shortcuts for Switching Tools
Select Shape Tool s
Select Selection Tool v
Select Line Tool c
Select Text Tool t
Select Freehand Tool e
Select Point Tool f
Select Action Tool b
Select Artboard Tool OmniGraffle Pro a
Shortcuts for use with an Object Selected
Bring to Front Shift-⌘-F
Bring Forward Option-⌘-F
Send to Back Shift-⌘-B
Send Backward Option-⌘-B
Lock ⌘-L
Unlock Option-⌘-L
Group Shift-⌘-G
Ungroup Shift-⌘-U
Make Table Shift-⌘-T
Copy Style Option-⌘-C
Paste Style Option-⌘-V
Shortcut for Nudging Selected Objects
Nudge Left Left Arrow
Nudge Right Right Arrow
Nudge Up Up Arrow
Nudge Down Down Arrow
Shift Nudge Left Shift-Left Arrow
Shift Nudge Right Shift-Right Arrow
Shift Nudge Up Shift-Up Arrow
Shift Nudge Down Shift-Down Arrow
Shortcut for Text Editing
End Text Editing ⌘-Return